The Framework

Structure for the Black Community

Black Unity, Acceptance, and a shift in mentality from Individualism to Collectivism.

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About the Book

This succinct overview of black experiences and realities serves as a guide to take rather complex circumstances and translate them into a series of lessons. Andrew Raybon pulls from his life experiences, ranging through various social classes, to encourage communities of color to reframe our objectives and responsibilities to each other. Heavy emphasis is placed on collectivism in a country that inspires individualism. His deep consideration of these issues is informed by his studies in human services, years of travel and military experience, and his devotion to the black community. His intention is to serve and ignite the discussions and actions that will lead to transformative thinking in a new decade of opportunity in the United States of America and beyond.

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About The Author

Andrew Raybon is a service member who is reintegrating into civilian society. In this book, he uses his unique worldview to create specific points of focus for communities of color to help rationalize our experiences, both past and present. Throughout his overseas travel and acceptance within diverse demographics, he has acquired a wealth of divergent philosophical thinking and hopes his perspective enriches his audience. Andrew is also pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Human Services with a concentration in Psychology.